Wendy girl is a lovely dog. She is a 3- to 4-year-old bully mix who came from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina. You may remember Wendy from last year, as we put out a desperate plea for help because Wendy was pregnant and at eminent risk of euthanasia. With the help of Tanner’s Endless Love and many amazing volunteers and fosters, TRU Rescue was able to pull Wendy out of the shelter and transport her to Maryland to have her puppies. She had 4 beautiful puppies, all of whom have been successfully adopted! Wendy did not have the easiest start to her life, but she has overcome a lot and is now ready for adoption thanks to the love and support of so many, starting with her amazing foster!

Though we can’t know for sure, we believe Wendy was used as a breeder. She has a large scar on her head, a visible reminder of previous trauma she endured. Unfortunately, Wendy cannot tell us what happened, but her vet believes a sharp object such as a machete or axe was likely used to make this scar. Though it has completely healed, we should never forget the harsh reality that Wendy lived through in her early years.

When Wendy first came to Maryland she was so scared she wouldn’t even walk. Her foster had to carry her out to go potty. Thanks to her foster’s love and attention, Wendy is a whole new dog! She loves to play with plush toys, especially those with squeakers! She is great with other dogs and is currently fostered with 2 small dogs. Wendy is also good with cats. Wendy does not do well when kenneled. She will break out or hurt herself trying. Please keep this in mind when considering her for your family.

Wendy loves to sleep on your couch and to learn everyday about new things. She is still very shy around strangers but with time warms up. She is great at letting you know someone is at your door but is nice and quiet otherwise. That is, until it is playtime, of course! Wendy is also good with children, but a home with children over the age of 2 years is probably best due to her unknown background.

After being with her foster for the last 4 months she is starting to jump into bed with her, but won’t stay long. She is still learning about all the perks of being a true pet! Our dream is for Wendy to learn about all the perks of being a pet in a loving forever home with a family of her own. Is that you? Apply to meet Wendy today and help her get the happy ending she so very much deserves!

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