This beautiful girl has been through a lot, but the kindness of strangers has led her to us. Lottie is about 2 years old and was living as a stray in rural Louisiana. A kind stranger saw her and noticed she was covered in ticks and generally in pain. He went to the local pet store where another kind stranger listened to his story about Lottie and committed to help her. This stranger, a teacher working part-time at the pet store, drove out to where Lottie was and was immediately greeted by her. She took Lottie to the emergency vet and later to her own vet and home. Lottie was severely dehydrated, anemic, and had a serious ear infection that started affecting her teeth. Despite the obvious pain and discomfort Lottie was in, she never missed a beat or an opportunity to show her love for everyone. This kind and amazing teacher fostered Lottie and nursed her back to health despite living in a small house with dogs of her own and a limited budget. She no doubt saved Lottie’s life and all she asks is that we help Lottie find her forever home and family!

Lottie loves people and is great with kids and cats. She can be dog selective, but with proper introduction makes great dog friends!

Will you
foster or adopt this beautiful girl? Fill out an application today!

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