Adoption Process

Adopting a rescue dog is a serious commitment, and we take the job of matching a TRU dog with an adopter equally seriously.  Due to the impact of Covid-19,  processing an application may take 2 weeks or longer.  Processing time is dependent on the availability of TRU Rescue volunteers, the completeness of your application, and the availability of your references.

Applications are processed in the order received and it is possible the dog you are interested in will be adopted by the time your application is processed.

We primarily adopt dogs to applicants who live in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Sometimes we are asked whether we adopt dogs outside this area. We occasionally adopt dogs to applicants outside of our immediate area in some exceptional circumstances for some special dogs. As with most rescues, we are heavily dependent on our network of support professionals. We work closely with these individuals (veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, groomers, kennels, etc.) to ensure our dogs end up in the right home. Our goal is to find great homes AND to support those great homes. We cannot offer a high level of support to folks who live very far away from us.  If you decide to apply and live outside our normal service area, understand that chances are, we may not be able to place an animal with you.

Our approval process includes the following:

  • You must be 21 years of age to apply for an adoption
  • We conduct a background check
  • We call all references listed on application
  • We call an applicant’s landlord when necessary
  • We check with an applicant’s veterinarian
  • We assess an applicant’s lifestyle to be sure it matches a dog’s need for exercise and mental stimulation
  • We explore available social media
  • We conduct a virtual house visit

Submit Adoption Application
There is a $10 Application Fee that is collected as part of the application submission process.  The fee is collected through a PayPal link. You do not need to have a PayPal account to submit the fee; you can use a credit card.  The Application Fee will be directed to TRU Rescue’s Emergency Medical Fund. Once TRU Rescue has committed to a dog, we are completely invested in making sure the dog receives any care required including, but not limited to, Heartworm Disease treatment, lifesaving surgery, and other medical procedures to allow a dog to live its best life.
The Application Fee is non-refundable for all applicants.  This includes those applicants who choose not to adopt or who are not approved to adopt through TRU Rescue. It is not necessary to submit a new application for each dog you are interested in adopting.  If you answer “Yes” to the application question of whether or not you would consider other dogs if the one you have applied for has already been placed in a home, you are automatically considered for other dogs.  All applications stay on file with TRU Rescue for 6 months. Submit Adoption Application here. TRU Rescue will send an email acknowledging receipt of your application to the email address you provide on the application. If you don’t see the email, please be sure to check your SPAM folder.

  • Application Review
    TRU Rescue will review each application to identify those applicants who present the BEST option for the dog being considered. Yes, this is a subjective process. If your application is selected, a TRU Rescue Adoption Coordinator will be in touch with you and your references.
  • Home Visit
    TRU Rescue will schedule a virtual home visit. The home visit will be conducted using FaceTime or a similar videotelephony application.
  • Meet a TRU Rescue Dog
    TRU Rescue will schedule a Meet and Greet session with the dog you would like to adopt. We want to make sure that each applicant and dog are a great match. Our dogs are not housed in a central kennel. All our dogs are cared for in foster homes until the appropriate adopter is found.
  • Adoption Contract
    When the adoption is fully approved, the adopter will complete the Adoption Contract. This is in addition to the Adoption Application.
  • Adoption Fees
    The Adoption Fees help TRU Rescue offset the cost of rescuing a dog including shelter fees, transport, boarding and veterinary care. Dog less than 12 months of age: $375, Dog more than 12 months of age: $350
  • Home Prep
    Prepare your home and obtain supplies for the arrival of your new dog. Please check out the links under the New Owner tab.
  • TRU Rescue Check-In
    Soon after you adopt, a TRU Rescue volunteer will be in touch with you to see how you and your new dog are adjusting and to answer any questions.

Thank you for considering adopting with TRU RESCUE and for helping to save a dog’s life.